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Ward Churchill is a (former!) professor of Ethnic Studies (whatever the hell that is) at the People's Republic of Boulder, Colorado. One reason he was hired, promoted, and then became chairman of that department (despite not having a Ph.D) is because he claims American Indian ancestry; yet the United Keetoowah Band said he is not an enrolled member. His claim of combat military experience Vietnam evaporated upon examination, and even his own University (finally under public pressure) discovered he was a plagerizer and fired him. Ward is known for his inflammatory 9/11 comments that basically said the people killed in the World Trade Center attacks were "little Eichmanns." The National Review sums it up well "Churchill's rantings are full of leftist hyperbole, vicious Nazi allusions, and calls for violence against the United States (`more 9/11s are necessary`) and an end to America itself (`There's no U.S. in America anymore`)." While he doesn't hold an elected position, he typifies extremist Democratic views ... plus he's UGLY!

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