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Joe Biden got a law degree in 1968 and has been a US Senator since 1972. During that time of the Vietnam conflict, he got five student deferments. He claimed to graduate in the top half of his class when he actually was 76th out of 85. He has a record of plagiarization, both in law school and for his long-winded political speeches. I.e. Joe Biden is your typical ugly Democratic politician. After running unsuccessfully for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 (and trashing Barack Obama), he accepted the VP nomination from ... Barack Obama -gotta love politics! Now that they have been elected, lets see how they do in the White House.

So after 4 years of HOPE (and we're still hoping that things would get better), the dynamic duo is running again in 2012.

Total Democrat Votes as of 7:11PM on 2018/03/20: 0 today, 0 yesterday, 0 this month, and 16,075 for all time
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