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Al Franken is best known as a comedian on Saturday Night Live. And he wrote a satirical novel about him being an unlikely candidate in the 2000 Presidential Election that was titled "Why Not Me?" He must have taken that seriously, because he hosted the (very) Liberal Air America Radio for a couple of years even after it filed Chapter 11 bankrupcy in 2006. And in 2008, Franken admitted that he would be paying about $70,000 in back taxes dating back to 2003 - OOOPS!

So with this excellent background for politics, he ran for Senator in Minnesota in 2008 and initially lost by 215 votes to Norm Colman. But after some creative re-counting, Franken was up by 312 votes and the Minnesota Supreme Court upheld the goofy election of the Democratic comedian.

Total Democrat Votes as of 7:15PM on 2018/03/20: 0 today, 0 yesterday, 0 this month, and 16,075 for all time
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